Who am I?

I have been interested in nature all of my life.  As a child I spent as much time as possible outdoors, exploring, fishing and observing wildlife.  After finishing graduate school I got a job as the chemist for a small custom chemical manufacturer where I worked for approximately 10 years.  When business slowed and the company I worked for could no longer afford to employ a full-time chemist I decided to take the opportunity to follow my passion.  Since then, I have been building a business to help people share in the joy that birds and nature bring to me every time I go out.  

Part of this involves contributing photography to organizations that reach out to the public to help communities build bonds to the nature around them.  I also give presentations to various groups about birds and photography as well as teach nature photography classes through the Houston Arboretum.  My photos have been published in a variety of books, magazines and in interpretive displays at various parks and refuges.









Greg Lavaty

Owner/operator of Texas Target Birds



Birding Guide, Photography Instructor, Driver, Trip Planner


Work History

-Over 10 years of experience photographing birds.

-Over 10 years of experience birding all over Texas

-Organized trips to numerous locations across the US as well as Mexico, Costa Rica, Peru, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Trinidad & Tobago, Puerto Rico and more.