Brazil's Panatnal  (August 8 - 17)

We are still working out the details of this one but at the moment we are planning on running this trip from August 8 through August 17.  The trip will start and end in Cuiaba and will take us along the Transpantaneria Highway.  We will spend time at three different lodges along the highway photographing all sorts of exciting birds and mammals.  Some of the highlights include Toco Toucan, Hyacinth Macaw, Greater Rhia, Great Black Hawk, Jabiru, Sunbittern and many more.  Mammals we have seen on previous trips include Capibara, Giant Anteater, Southern Tamandua, Crab-eating Fox and Jaguar.  The last phase of the trip will involve searching for Jaguars by boat from Proto Jofre.  This is probably the most exciting location we have ever been to when it comes to photography.  The sheer quantity of wildlife is mind-boggling.  The trip will have a maximum of four guests and will cost $3770/person for double occupancy.  If you prefer a private room please contact us for details.  This cost includes all transportation, lodging, guiding and meals starting and ending in Cuiaba.