California Pelagics

Friday August 22, 2014 to Sunday August 31, 2014

Cassin's Auklet
Buller's Shearwater

In late August large numbers of pelagic birds make their way down the California coast on rout to their wintering grounds. For this reason we have decided to offer a trip focused on photographing these unusual birds during their amazing journey.

Pomeraine Jaeger
South Polar Skua

We will spend a week in the vicinity or Monterey, CA and the San Francisco Bay area. During this time we will make four excursions into the Pacific Ocean looking for shearwaters, auklets, albatrosses, gulls, terns, petrels and more.

Ashy Storm-Petrel
Northern Fulmar
California Condor

Since pelagic trips are somewhat strenuous we will break up the trip with some land-birding excursions between the boat rides. In particular we will make an effort to see and photograph California Condors as well as birds like the Pacific Wren and Golden-crowned Sparrow.

Golden-crowned Sparrow
Pacific Wren
Sea Otter

We will also spend time searching for marine mammals such as Sea Otters, seals and sea lions. We will also be in good habitat for birds like Black Oystercatcher, Surfbird, Pacific Loon, Pelagic Cormorant and similar birds.

Harbor Seal
Wandering Tattler
Black Turnstone

Pelagic trips aren’t inexpensive and amount to the bulk of the cost of this trip which is $2000 per person for double occupancy. There is a $240 fee if you want a private room. This fee covers all ground transportation, boat rides, guiding fees and lodging and tips. Guests will be responsible for food and flights to and from San Jose, CA.

Pink-footed Shearwater