West Texas Birds and Scenery

August dates TBD

Scaled Quail

West Texas offers birding opportunities that are unlike any other place in the state. With its mountains and the Chihuahuan desert, birding is more like that of Southeast Arizona than the rest of the Texas. One of my favorite things about visiting this area is the feeling of vastness and isolation it inspires.


On this five day trip I will take a maximum of four birder/photographers west from Houston to explore the various habitats of the area as well as take in some of its natural beauty. Our goal will be to get great photos of the region’s specialty birds rather than building a long species list.


Some of the birds we hope to encounter on this trip include: Gray Hawk, Golden Eagle, Prairie Falcon; Scaled and Montezuma Quail, Greater Roadrunner, Western Screech-Owl; Burrowing Owl; Golden-fronted, Ladder-backed and Acorn Woodpecker; Red-naped Sapsucker; Black and Say’s Phoebe; Vermilion Flycatcher; Mexican Jay; Verdin; Cactus, Rock, Bewick’s and Canyon Wren; Black-tailed Gnatcatcher; Long-billed, Crissal and Curve-billed Thrasher; Phainopepla; Olive, Cassin’s, Rufous-crowned, Brewer’s, Black-chinned, Vesper, Lark, Black-throated and White-crowned Sparrow; Green-tailed, Spotted and Canyon Towhee; Lark Bunting; Dark-eyed Junco and Pyrrhuloxia.


We will be travelling in a comfortable van with plenty of room for your gear and will depart from SW Houston early on the 23rd. The cost per person is $1000 for double occupancy and assuming 4 guests will be coming. If you want a private room there will be an additional $200 fee. Included in this price is transportation from SW Houston, lodging, guide service and photography instruction. You will need to pay for your food and the few entrance fees we encounter. I hope you will join us!