Oaxaca January 2022 Bird Photography (one space remaining)

Thursday January 20, 2022 – Friday January 28, 2022

Red Warbler
Russet-crowned Motmot

On this trip we will spend time in two general areas of the Mexican state of Oaxaca.  We will begin our travels near the Pacific coast in search of photos of birds like Blue Bunting, Orange-breasted Bunting, Red-breasted Chat, Garnet-throated Hummingbird, Slaty Vireo, Cinnamon-bellied Flowerpiercer and more.  From there we will spend time photographing birds in the vicinity of Oaxaca City.  With hopes of catching up with species like Red Warbler, Golden-browed Warbler, Slate-throated Redstart, Gray Silky Flycatcher, Boucard’s Wren, Bridled Sparrow, Dwarf Jay and many more.  

Golden-browed Warbler
Gray-breasted Woodpecker

The main objective of this trip is to make beautiful photos of a variety of colorful birds that are unique to this area though if good photographic opportunities for more wide-spread species present themselves we will not hesitate to pursue them.  Given that this is a photography trip, it is best suited for those with a basic understanding of photography and appropriate photographic equipment.  This doesn’t mean that participants will need to be experts or have top-shelf gear.  A secondary goal of the trip is for all participants to advance their photography and birding skills and everyone is encouraged to share their knowledge and experience with the group.

Yellow-winged Cacique
Gray Silky Flycatcher

The level of exertion on this trip is moderate to low.  We will spend time in the mountains but not at particularly high altitudes.  We will do some walks but they won’t be long distances and we will be moving at a slow pace.  

Blue Mockingbird
Slate-throated Redstart

Cost Per Person (not including meals and international airfare or COVID test) is $2860 which does include all transportation, entrance fees and lodging (private room) while in Mexico.  This trip is limited to the guide (Greg Lavaty) and three photographers.  

Golden Vireo