Brazil's Pantanal

Friday Agusut 21, 2020 - Monday August 31, 2020



Toco Toucan

Of all the places I have ever gone to do bird photography my all-time favorite has to be the Pantanal in Brazil.  It isn’t because of the extreme number of species that are present but rather the enormous number of great photography opportunities that exist.  The Pantanal is the world’s largest wetlands and as one might expect that means that there are lots of big birds around like herons, egrets, storks, raptors… 


This trip is scheduled to take advantage of the very pronounced dry season, which results in enormous concentrations of wildlife around the vanishing watering holes.  On previous visits we have encountered feeding frenzies of huge groups Jabiru and caiman gobbling up fish and other aquatic creatures packed into what are essentially large puddles of water. 

Jabiru at its nest

Birds aren’t the only stars of this show, it isn’t unusual to see a good variety of mammals and reptiles in the area including species like Jaguar, Brazilian Tapir, Giant Otter, Ocelot, Crab-eating Fox, Giant Anteater, Capybara, Southern Tamandua, Marsh Deer, Brown Capuchin Monkey, Aguti, Six-banded Armadillo, Yellow Anaconda, Paraguayan Tegu and many others. 


This trip is intended for those interested in getting great photos or those who don’t mind spending time observing the wildlife; it isn’t intended to be a trip to see every single species possible.  We will generally move at a slow pace.  The temperatures tend to be on the hot side but we will spend our time near the lodges or near the vehicle.  The trip is not designed to be physically demanding. 


We will spend our time birding at private ranches along the Transpantanal Highway and will have opportunities to explore the Cuiaba River by boat where we have excellent chances of encountering Jaguar, Giant Otter and Capybara as well as a variety of interesting birds.

Rufescent Tiger-Heron

The trip starts and ends at the international airport in Cuiaba (CGB).  This trip will be limited to four participants plus the guide in order to give the best photography experience possible.  The cost of the trip is $4980 per person for a shared room, if you prefer a private room it can be arranged for an additional $490.  This includes all transportation, lodging, meals and guiding while in the Pantanal.  It does not include flights, tips or souvenirs. 


To get an idea of what you might encounter on this trip please see photos here:

Pied Plover on the banks of the Cuiaba River