Custom Trips

Arches National Park (Delicate Arch)

Are you interested in doing a birding/nature photography trip but are hesitant to book one of the group trips on offer? If so, please consider allowing me to put together a custom trip. Some people want to do outings with their non-birder or non-photographer spouse, some people have limited mobility, some people simply want more flexibility than a group trip offers. I am happy to design a trip that is tailor made for you and your needs. Since my group trips are limited to only a few guests, a custom trip for one or two people (or more if you want) isn’t much different in cost from the group trips.


In the past I have designed trips with non-birding/photography activities mixed in with birding/photography to make sure everyone stays happy. I also understand that not everyone can run up a mountain and hike 12 miles in a day. I have put together trips where we almost never left sight of our car.


Since I have had lots of birding experience across the Americas I am able to set up custom trips all over the US as well as Central and South America.


I am happy to work with people at all different skill levels and budgets. After all, enjoying nature shouldn’t be limited to only a small portion of the population. If you give me a set of parameters, chances are good that I can put together a trip that works for you.


Listed below are some custom itineraries that I have run with others over the past few years.  Maybe one would be a good fit for you.  These are only a few of the places we can run custom trips, please don't hesitate to ask if there is anywhere you want us to take you to photograph birds.


Any of these trips can be modified to your personal liking.


-Texas (Lower Rio Grande Valley) Click HERE for details.


-Texas (Upper Coast/Piney Woods) Click HERE for details.


-Texas (Hill Country/West Texas)  Click HERE for details.


-Southeastern Arizona email for details.


-New Mexico (Bosque and Surrounding areas) Click HERE for details.


-Colorado  email for details.


-South Florida  email for details.

Machu Picchu