Welcome to Texas Target Birds!

Roseate Spoonbill

I am based in the Houston area which means that I have easy access to a wide variety of habitats and an impressive diversity of bird species.  All of this is accessible through a major international airport. 


If you want to photograph or just look at birds anywhere in Texas, I’m the right guide for you.

What’s new?

Black-mandibled Toucan

Wow, it has been a fantastic and BUSY spring and I must say it has been difficult to keep up with everything.  We had two fantastic trips to Florida, two to west Texas, an amazing trip to Costa Rica as well as a most productive trip to Colorado and even had a little time to show some people around SE Texas. 


We are now getting ready for our New England trip which is always a lot of fun and I am trying to update the website to let everyone know what’s coming up.


I am very pleased to announce that we will be offering a revised version of last year’s October trip to Costa Rica.  In 2015 we had a blast photographing more colorful and amazing birds than we knew what to do with and I think we have managed to come up with a schedule that will allow us to pack even more into the same amount of time.  Please take a look here if Costa Rica sounds interesting to you.


We are also looking forward to California in the beginning of December.  With so much beautiful scenery and so many birds it’s difficult not to get excited about that trip.  Please click here if California sounds fun to you.


Another trip we are considering is a re-visit to Trinidad.  On this trip we will really concentrate on photography.  With this in mind we will be spending more time in fewer places to ensure that wonderful photos are gotten by all who join us.  We would like to pay special attention to include Scarlet Ibis and plan to schedule a couple of outings to focus on getting good close-up photos of this amazing species.  We will also spend time on the various hummingbirds, tanagers, manakins and other colorful birds of the island.  If this sounds interesting to you please contact me ASAP.  If we get enough interest we will prepare a proper itinerary and make arrangements to do the trip.

Audubon's Oriole

Birding in Texas

Texas is a big place with extreme geographic diversity and as a result has one of the most diverse bird populations in North America.  Finding birds in this vast area can certainly be a daunting task and having someone with you who is familiar with the area and birds can save lots of time and money. 


White-tailed Kite



Just let me know what birds you want to see or what area you want to visit and I will put together your itinerary.  I can help you get the photos you want, help you tick off those species that you have been struggling with or anything in between.  All of my trips are customized to fit your individual needs.


Why hire me?

Having spent many years searching for birds in a great many locations, I have learned not only how to find them, but also how frustrating and time consuming the search can be. I am certainly someone who likes to avoid spending money unnecessarily, and for this reason I always try to hire a guide when traveling to a new location. Airplane tickets, ground transportation, food, lodging all cost a lot and are unfortunately necessary expenses when birding away from your local patch. Hiring a skilled guide who is wired in to what is going on in the location you are going to visit can make a huge difference in the outcome of your trip. It could mean the difference between a OK trip and a great trip or even the difference between a successful trip and a trip that needs to be repeated later.


Furthermore, if you are interested in photography, having a guide who is a skilled photographer really does enhance your trip. It is one thing just to detect a bird and check it off the list and it is another to get an identifiable photo of the bird. It’s once again a whole other thing to actually get a great photo of the bird that you would be proud to show off to your friends. When birding away from home, time is limited and the birds and birding locations are new and unfamiliar. As a result a large portion of field time is allocated to simply locating the bird. This limits the amount of time actually spent on photographing the bird. If you aren’t a strong photographer it is easy to miss key photo opportunities because of less than ideal camera settings or techniques or lack of knowledge about a particular bird’s behavior.


On my trips I am there not only to locate the birds efficiently, but also to stack the deck in favor of you getting beautiful photos of the bird. I am right there to answer any questions you have about your camera or the lighting as well as to help you get into an ideal position to photograph the bird you are after. I am your photography coach as well as your birding guide. I will try to set up the situation to ensure your success. Any time I am in a place that I am not very familiar with I will always take on an assistant who is very skilled at locating the birds of the region so I can better be there to help you.


The end result is that we see a large variety of species and come home with lots of great photos. You will also come away from the trip with stronger photography skills.


At the end of the trip the money you spend on hiring me as your guide will not only make your trip more successful and fun; it will also save you money since you can get so much more done in a shorter period of time.