Minnesota Spring Bird Photography

Tue June 4 – Tue June 11, 2024

Golden-winged Warbler
Canada Warbler

I can think of few places that can make a warbler lover as excited as Minnesota in the spring can.  In June of 2024 I am offering an opportunity for three photographers to join me in this beautiful area to photograph some of the most beautiful birds in North America.  This trip is an excellent opportunity to enhance your collection of warbler photos.

Chestnut-sided Warbler

We will base ourselves in Duluth so we won’t need to pack up all our things each night to move to another location.  The trip should generally be low exertion but there might be some moderately strenuous walks to search for the Connecticut Warbler.  Most of the photography will be near our vehicle.  

Mourning Warbler

There will be a maximum of three photographers plus Greg Lavaty.  The trip is appropriate for photographers of all skill levels but a basic understanding of photography is helpful.  Participants are encouraged to share their knowledge and help each other to get the best results possible.  The cost of the trip is $2265 per person for a shared room, for a private room there will be an additional cost of $405.  This includes all ground transportation starting and ending at the Minneapolis/St Paul airport (MSP), entrance fees, lodging and guide fees.  It doesn’t not include airfare, or meals.

Great Gray Owl