Yucatan November 2023

Thursday October 31 – Thursday November 7

American Flamingo
Gray-throated Chat

Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula is an amazing place for bird photography with a large number of endemic species alongside some more widespread stunners like the flamingos.  In the winter months it’s also home to a large number of warblers and other songbirds that excite us in the US during migration and the breeding season.  This trip is an excellent opportunity to explore some of this interesting region and capture beautiful images of a generous number of its avian inhabitants.  

Yucatan Jay

We will fly into Cancun and make our way west to search the beautiful mangrove forest and coastal wetlands for the beautiful American Flamingo.  We will spend a morning searching for flamingos by boat and are likely to encounter a variety of other species such as Common Black Hawk, Boat-billed Heron, Magnificent Frigatebird and many more.  We will also spend time searching for species like Black-throated Bobwhite, Mexican Sheartail, Mangrove Warbler, Yucatan Wren and others.  From there we will make our way towards Tulum in search or species like Yucatan Woodpecker, Black Catbird, Gray-throated Chat, Blue Bunting and others.  Our trip will conclude back in Cancun for our flights home.  

Yucatan Wren

This trip is appropriate for photographers of all skill levels and is not expected to be very physically demanding.  The trip will be limited to three photographers plus your guide, Greg Lavaty.  This allows participants to get plenty of personal attention and great access to any photo opportunities we encounter.  The cost of the trip is $1980 per person for a shared room and an additional $255 for a private room.